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We've been assisting condo associations with "aged" building improvements since 2014 and times have changed.  There's

more at stake than ever before and we can help you with

your greatest asset..YOUR BUILDING.

Our services for "aged" condo buildings

Our subject matter expertise has been developed by decades of 
experience in architecture, general contracting,
construction management and finance.  

We recognize the challenges homeowner associations are facing with their "aged" condominium buildings.  Our firm provides solutions supported by strategic long-term financial planning, solutions

grounded in local design and construction practices and solutions established with your Board of Directors specifically for your ownership.

Blue Background

Laulima Asset Management, LLC is a member of the   PURCHASING HUI OF HAWAII INC.  

The HUI was established to provide lower pricing for goods and services to help support local organizations.  We encourage your association to become a member or take advantage of your current membership and our exclusive HUI pricing.

The Big Picture

The value of your building is a multifaceted outcome of diverse economic, environmental, and financial factors. Energy efficiency, climate resilience, insurance considerations, inflation, construction costs, interest rates, and more collectively shape the landscape of real estate markets, influencing both short-term fluctuations and long-term trends.  We can help your association establish a comprehensive understanding of these factors that will allow stakeholders to navigate the complexities of condo ownership.


Connecting the Dots
"Connecting the Dots" is a Laulima Asset Management presentation that delves into the various components that make up the building management process.  Gaining insight into how components interact and contribute to decision-making is crucial for
navigating potential consequences or reaping the benefits.

Construction Planners

We believe the best solutions are discovered
through collaboration...

Collaborations yield superior results by harnessing diverse perspectives, skills and expertise.  When individuals pool their strengths, innovative ideas emerge, fostering creativity and problem solving.  Board of Directors are naturally set up to cultivate a sense of shared ownership, motivating contributors to invest in achieving common goals.  Moreover, collaboration encourages continued learning and adaptability, as team members exchange insights and learn from one another.  Ultimately, the dynamic interplay of varied talents within a collaboration framework leads to
superior well-rounded outcomes.


As a potential client, Dennis and I, and our staff, value the opportunity to showcase how our construction project and/or financial expertise can be tailored specifically to assist your association.  Our commitment is to simplify complex situations with total transparency while creating a straightforward and economically responsible plan of action for your association and ownership.


Shawna Lewis (CEO) has years of AOAO experience and has established a network of industry experts who service and support associations.  Making her a valuable resource for those associations interested in exploring improvements opportunities for their aging buildings.

Dennis Olmstead (COO) is a lifelong architect, builder, educator, and construction manager.  He provides decades of design and construction expertise to every project.  His knowledge base allows Laulima to eliminate risks and provides expert guidance throughout your project ensuring your association's future is secure.



For all inquires, please contact Shawna Lewis

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